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Confessions of a Poppy Seed Addict

by Karen Smyers The IOC recently announced that it is adding marijuana to its banned list of drugs and triathlon’s governing body will follow suit.  (When the IOC says jump, the ITU says “Altius?”)  I find it rather ironic that their reason for adding a non-performance-enhancing drug to the banned list is that athletes must […]

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Stay on the Sunnyside

by Karen Smyers Lately I have been getting a lot of practice at making the best of a situation.  Last summer, I turned a severed hamstring into a good opportunity to go forth and multiply.  I took advantage of the C-section that followed nine months later  by getting back on my bicycle seat much earlier […]

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Training with Calvin K

by Karen Smyers An essential element of most triathletes’ success and longevity in the sport is their training partners. Your partner in pain can goad you into one more hill repeat like nobody else can.  Think of the number of mornings you would have just hit the snooze alarm if it weren’t for the fact […]

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Executing the Perfect Taper

by Karen Smyers One of my favorite phases of training and racing is The Taper. It ranks right up there with massage and carbo-loading on my list of reasons that I do triathlon. I find myself looking forward to the taper weeks and even months in advance. When I am trying to schedule a time […]

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Strutting Your Stuff

by Karen Smyers 2004 As the bun in my oven continues to “rise”, now approaching the dimensions of a hearty French boule, I find myself feeling less like an athlete and more like a sedentary housewife biding my time until a heart attack does me in.*  Although I am still able to run (or waddle) […]

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