Personalized monthly coaching:

Karen coaches a small group of clients on a personal basis. Customized workouts are sent bi-weekly with opportunity for constant feedback, help with goal-setting, and attention to each client’s personal schedule and other commitments. Fees range from $250/month to $500/month depending on whether personal training is included.

$250/month: primarily email contact with the occasional phone call.
$350/month: phone and email contact and occasional in-person training sessions (1-2/month)
$500/month: phone and email contact and regular personal training sessions (1/week)

Personal Training:

Karen is also available for personal training sessions. Clients can meet her for a variety of needs: one-on-one swim, bike or run technique work, key training sessions, heart rate zone or pace testing, or other client requests.

$80/hr: personal training or consultation at mutually agreed upon location and time

One Response to Coaching

  1. Nilton Motta says:

    Hi karen, this is Nilton Motta i am form brazil we race last Saturday in duxbury , I race pro cycling 99-2000 then head some personal problems, but I never stop to traine, now I am training to get back in to race chape, but I don’t know any one around here, I live in Plymouth but I would like to ride or run very much with you or any one then u know my Cel#508-322-8414 thx Nilton Motta